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Facts About Living Donation



Currently, there are over 100,000 people on the kidney transplant waiting list, but only 17,000 of them will receive a kidney this year.  The wait for a deceased donor in Florida is 5 - 6  years.  Patients are prioritized by how long they've been on the waiting list, their blood type, immune system activity and other facts. 

Approximately 10,000 patients die each year from kidney disease:  5,000 die while waiting for a kidney transplant while another 5,000 are removed each year from the transplant list because they become too sick to receive a kidney transplant.

Click on the link below to watch a brief, informative video of Transplant surgeon, Dorry Segev, MD, discuss the kidney transplant waiting list, living kidney donors, surgery and recovery.  

Video on Living Kidney Donation


I am Blood Type O+.  Not everyone qualifies to be a donor.  People willing to give a kidney have to undergo an intense medical testing.  There are mainly three tests that are conducted:  blood group, HLA (tissue) typing, and cross-match testing.  You must be a blood type O to match me, but the positive/negative RH factor does not matter for kidney donation.


Basic Donor Requirements are:

1.  You must be O Blood Type.

2.  You must be over the age of 21.

3.  You must be in good general health and have normal kidney function,

4.  You must be free of major diseases such as cancer, diabetes, high blood

     pressure, liver disease or severe heart disease.


If you are not a blood match with me but are still willing to donate your kidney on my behalf, I will be able to receive a kidney within 1 year versus the five year wait through the Paired Program.  Give a kidney, get a kidney.  To find out more information regarding the Paired Program, see the below link. 

Paired Program


Gift of Life.  By choosing to become a kidney donor, you are giving me a priceless gift of life as well as helping another wait-listed patient, since your donation to me will allow another person on the wait list to receive a deceased donor kidney.

Minimally-invasive procedure.  The procedure to remove your kidney is done laparoscopically.  Most kidney donors are discharged from the hospital in 2 days, and they are expected to return to their normal daily activities within weeks.  

Low financial burden. The kidney donor pays nothing in medical bills.  All donation-related costs are covered by my insurance.   All out-of-pocket expenses will be paid by me.  

No life expectancy changes.  Donating a kidney does not affect your life expectancy.